What better way for students to learn their way around an MUN conference, than from accomplished and competent trainers, right in the lap of nature. Diplomat MUN offers this unique opportunity, with a 4 day long rugged camping trip to the lush hill slopes of Panchgani. Students will be given detailed training about MUN procedure, research methods and committee decorum, through activities and interactive sessions designed to give a holistic approach to Model United Nation conferences.
In addition to this, they will experience several fun group building activities such as horseback riding, tree climbing, go carting, trekking and much more - all set in the beautiful outskirts of the hill station. This provides a ideal habitat to explore our dynamic relationship with nature and participate in outdoor adventure sports along with a plethora of other stimulating activities. This environment pushes delegates to think outside the box and push their boundaries in an attempt to reach their epitome of creative thinking and inner potential.

Campus Life and Amenities

  • Security personnel stationed to ensure no disturbances affect the camp and its visitors.
  • Spacious, multi roomed bungalow for the attending students, with all the amenities required.
  • A delectable regional menu built on wholesome and nutritious food.
  • Trained facilitators with experience in outdoor learning and adventure activities.
  • An on-site team prepared to address any first aid issues and emergencies.
  • Equipment that meets the Union of International Alpinism Association (UIAA) standards.


  • Excellent leaders are backed by excellent mentors. Diplomat MUN ensures that a successful leader will be mentoring each student, serving as an inspiration as well as a guide and teacher.
  • The mentors are all well established trainees with years of MUN conference experience under their belts, who have a proven record of exemplary leadership and positive social impact.
  • Diplomat MUN helps the students realise and better comprehend their own strengths and weaknesses via a comprehensive evaluation system, involving the opinions of themselves, their peers and their mentors.
  • Simultaneously, Diplomat MUN will be tracking the progress made by every attending student. The diligent students who demonstrate a thirst for learning, are willing to work on their areas of shortcoming and are geared towards exhibiting a positive social impact are given leadership opportunities.
  • We at Diplomat MUN do not grade or rank our students. Evaluations are meant to display the attributes of each individual, rather than compare amongst peers.


  • The Diplomat MUN training camp requires utmost dedication, motivation and passion. Our programme drives multiple learning results which culminate to develop a 21st century leader.
    On completing the camp, delegate will be equipped with skills they need to succeed, not only in MODEL UN conferences, but beyond throughout life itself. In particular, delegates will have the expertise to:
  • Adapt to new and unique tasks and scenarios
  • Critically analyze situations and build viable solutions
  • Communicate their ideas in an effective manner to peers and superiors
  • Negotiate and resolve conflicts while persuading opponents
  • Work in a multilingual, multicultural environment
  • Create positive and meaningful social impact
  • Lead by example
  • Make well informed personal decisions
  • Connect with their community and society
  • Access admission into world class universities and institutions
  • Reap success in the job market and have a fulfilling career


Application to the training camps are based on the competence of the student, their potential to become a 21st century leader and their interest and dedication to the programme.

To be eligible for the training camp, applicants must be:

  • At least 10 years of age
  • Not older than 15 years of age
  • Interested in the concept of Model UN, with a desire to lead
  • Motivated, and of good moral backing and strong character

The following indicators are deemed favourable for admission of the participant:

  • Prior MUN participation
  • Prior leadership experience
  • Ability to challenge them self and learn from their peers
  • Passionate desire to create a positive impact

Interested applicants need to submit the completed application form to Diplomat Model United Nations in order to be considered for the training camp.
The camp fees are a total of INR 9000/-

Send in your applications and get in touch with us for any further details.