United Nations Information Centres (UNIC) serve as a focal point for news and information about the United Nations (UN) for audiences worldwide. A global network of 63 Information Centres, under the direction of the Department of Public Information (DPI), is key to conveying the core message of the UN to people in their own language. Thus, bringing the UN closer to the people it serves.

The United Nations Information Center for India and Bhutan has been pivotal in maintaining and disseminating information about the UN in India and Bhutan. It reaches out to the media and educational institutions, engages in partnerships with governments, local civil society organizations and the private sector, and maintains the library and electronic information resources.


Cambridge School

Cambridge School, Aurangabad is a part of St. Lawrence Education Trust. It has been established in the year 1997. The institution aims to equip the children in every area of their lives, whether it be academics, life skills or values. The focus is on character building and overall development of a child. The development, growth and prosperity of any nation depends upon both human & material resources, The basic training of human beings is done in the classroom of educational institutions at different levels.


Crescent School

Crescent School established in    with a well balanced syllabus blending academics and co-curricular activities that enrich the students lives, situated in the heart of Pune with close proximity to the historic monuments.