Substansive Excellence

The staff of DMUN is carefully selected to include the most passionate and dedicated directors. Each of the study guides is carefully crafted for its respective committee and reflects careful and thorough research. All of our directors are extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and committed to DMUN’s ideals, resulting in well-run and focused committees. Many delegates leave our conference with a new-found interest for international relations and greater awareness of the issues that dominate our world. The committees are not overcrowded and our procedure makes sure that all delegates get an equal opportunity to speak. Committee topics are well within the mandate of the simulated institution and on its recent agenda. Committee study guides are of supreme quality and available well in advance.

Holistic Experience.

We firmly believe that DMUN is more than just a Model United Nations Conference. We seek to offer our delegates a holistic experience which will aid them monumentally in their future. Apart from committee sessions, DMUN will have numerous career workshops discussing fields ranging from nuclear disarmament to trade relations led by some of the brightest students. Our chairs act as mentors to our delegates. We also seek to expose our delegates to the opportunities available to them in college through an extensive college fair with representation from both Indian and International colleges. Furthermore, DMUN attracts some of the most knowledgeable professionals in various fields to deliver talks to our delegates. Finally, DMUN also believes in providing a fun and exciting experience for our delegates through numerous social events such as Delegate Dances and Cultural Fairs. We believe in facilitating the highest quality of substantive debate, while enabling a wholesome and enriching experience for our delegates.